Political solutions made easy when backed by legal capabilities

Sometimes, your opponent will not be willing to settle an issue politically. Wrong decision. Our reputation as trial lawyers before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), and the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) is well known. When we appear in a case, our opponents know that they are facing an adversary that has the willingness and capability to see the matter through to verdict and to win. This is a rare capability in the present lobbying environment. And often, this threat is enough to enforce a solution.

Established EU Court of Justice trial lawyers

It is no secret that most business litigators, especially at major “full service” law firms, have no significant CJEU trial experience. Non-legal lobbying firms have no such experience at all. But at trial, a client’s net worth may be in play. It’s winner-take-all, and disasters can happen. It’s not a time for learning on the job. Unlike most business litigation firms, we go to CJEU trial – often. Frequently, at the eleventh hour, just before trial begins, we are brought in to assist or replace existing counsel and try the case.

Unparalleled track record

Opposing lawyers know that we know how to win at trial. That reduces the “hold up” factor and enables us to achieve solutions others cannot. We believe we have one of the best groups of CJEU trial lawyers in the EU. Our lawyers have tried hundreds of CJEU cases, gaining their experience as CJEU litigator, official representative of the European Commission before the CJEU, or as Advocate General at the CJEU itself. Our track record speaks for itself. See a list of the most important cases here in which our lawyers have acted before the CJEU.

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