Industry & Environment

Energy companies, chemical corporations, in fact most of nowadays industry operate under increasingly complex laws and regulations, especially those on environmental, health and safety and taxation matters.

Alber & Geiger helps a wide range of clients pursue their public policy interest and influence legislative or administrative decisions that impact their business, whether at the European Union or the single Member States. We can help firms, associations and coalitions understand and comply with the regulatory regime, to minimise risk and maximise opportunities. Our experienced team is also able to provide strategic guidance and policy solutions in all sorts of regulatory and legislative issues, including renewable energy, emissions, energy efficiency that affect the business of energy companies, including power generators and electricity providers, utility and natural gas firms as well as other major energy companies.

Our team is made up of former EU officials and politicians who have strong relationships with the decision-makers with a say over energy and environment policy. We assist clients in securing and defending their energy projects as well as facilitate energy project approvals and the introductions of new technologies in the area of energy. Similarly, our team has worked on environmental legislation, policy and regulation. We assist clients in their interactions with the EU and Member States regulators to reduce liability and transform environmental compliance obligations into opportunities.