Especially in the context of competition issues, the European Union has become one of the main decision-making centres in the world. Be it a state aid complaint of the European Commission forcing a corporation to pay back all funding, be it a merger or cartel decision – these matters affect industries on a global scale. As a result, businesses, organizations and individuals must play an active role in the decision making process in Brussels to protect their interests internationally. Stakeholders must stay vigilant of legal and economic concerns that exist or may arise in that process.

Whether the challenge is a merger between international companies that is threatened to be blocked by the European Commission or the national antitrust authorities or whether it is about anticipating legislation that impacts policymaking, the team of Alber & Geiger applies legislative and political skills to help clients implement their policy agendas in all decision making bodies.

The legal arguments for M&A have to be communicated effectively. In working closely with the administrative bodies and antitrust authorities of the EU and its single Member States we are able to do so. We provide all necessary political and legal information to the involved bodies to get our clients’ deals through.

Alber & Geiger assists its clients in competition issues on a European level and in the European Member States to achieve the desired business objectives. We have experience in strategic counseling and advocacy before EU regulatory bodies, agencies and institutions.