The Xiaomi Ban


Xiaomi Inc.
Xiaomi Inc.
Alber & Geiger was engaged by Xiaomi, the best-selling phone manufacturer in the EU to fend off against initiatives in the member states’ that could spill-over into the European Union. Our team was called in to provide strategic support, monitoring and analysis of ongoing EU policy initiatives and member states cybersecurity reports that had the potential to affect Xiaomi’s business in Europe.


ag-wins-map-china Alber & Geiger engaged on a plethora of issues, including EU-China relations, cybersecurity, right to repair, cyber resilience act, corporate sustainable due diligence, sanctions as well as the digital markets act, by providing high-end analysis and advise on content and engagement with the European Institutions, including the European Parliament and the European Commission. We also helped compile language to assist Xiaomi in addressing European Parliament concerns on the need to protect consumers from Chinese mobile phones by highlighting Xiaomi adherence to EU GDPR standards and norms.


We were able to learn firsthand of ongoing EU initiatives in the Commission or in the European Parliament affecting Xiaomi, and quick to provide analysis and message to advocate vis-à-vis the institutions. Alber & Geiger addressed the concerns raised in reports, letters and policy initiatives. This approach enabled us to protect the image of Xiaomi, and its position in the European market.