China’s Corporate Image in Europe

Chinese Credibility Gap

China’s corporations and their business takeovers have instigated political fear in both the USA and the EU. The USA started banning several Chinese products from the American market under alleged security concerns. So despite adherence to EU standards and a strong commitment to Europe, Huawei was starting to have a credibility problem in the EU as well. The main concern was over the cyber security of Huawei products in Europe, and the risk posed to personal information and data. This would damage Huawei’s reputation and hamper business development in Europe. Huawei reached out to Alber & Geiger to mitigate concerns and build support in Europe.

Fend Off Reputation Damage

"Strategic, accessible and determined in promoting our legislative agenda"
Tony Graziano- Vice-President, European Public Affairs and Communications Office, Huawei
Alber & Geiger targeted key Members of the European Parliament in all relevant committees and across the political spectrum, to emphasize Huawei’s commitment to Europe, adherence to EU standards and contribution to the European economy through leading products and services, jobs creation and investments in research and development. The goal was to show to the EU law makers that there was no Chinese government involvement in Huawei’s business strategies, let alone any cyber security issue with Huawei’s devices.

In that context we also established an alternate strategy with the European Commission and related EU agencies to show that Huawei is fully integrated in the EU market and successful for business reasons only. By doing so, we advanced Huawei’s business interests in Europe.