Diplomacy to overcome complex political and economic realities

Alber & Geiger’s Diplomacy service supports governments, companies and NGOs to navigate the complex and changing worlds of geopolitics and global economics. Image and reputation are an important factor in international relations and politics. We communicate our clients’ interests and problems politically, work with top executives and government officials to achieve their strategic goals with the necessary political support.

Providing another angle and an edge to your diplomatic efforts

We work for our clients in the policy making processes of the international political power hubs, the world capitals and International Organizations. We provide our clients with political intelligence, political risk assessment and market entry support. We advise them on government relations, we assist them on coalition building, global positioning and trade relations. We help them to overcome potential antitrust and regulatory barriers. We guide them through treaty developments and investment policies.

Vision for crafting delicate winning arguments

Governments, businesses and NGOs benefit from applying the techniques of diplomacy to help manage their political, regulatory, legal and economic challenges. Today, success increasingly depends on understanding the global parameters impacting economies and societies. Alber & Geiger successfully assists its clients in developing their political tactics and corporate strategies to identify, change and match those demands.

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