Pushing Biofuels in Europe


Alber & Geiger was hired by Agrisoma to promote Carinata, its crop designed for biofuel production, in the European Union. Our team was required to pave the way for Carinata’s classification as a feedstock for the production of advanced biofuels.


"They dug right into a complex issue and hit the ground running. They helped provide feedback to the EU institutions to make sure we get the best policy framework."
Glenn Johnston- Executive Director Regulatory Affairs, Agrisoma
Alber & Geiger targeted key lawmakers in the European Parliament and officials in the European Commission. We presented arguments highlighting Carinata’s remarkable benefits, especially in producing high-quality and low greenhouse gas fuels. Carinata’s sustainability was emphasised during our outreach, while concerns over threatening food production and land-use were mitigated.


Our direct communication with EU officials and lawmakers increased understanding of the properties and benefits of Carinata. Also, it helped create advocates for a review of the existing list of advanced biofuels, and laid the groundwork for the inclusion of all crops that fulfil the criteria, to create a level playing field.