E-Fuels In Europe


A California hydrogen fuels company hired Alber & Geiger to shape the EU Renewable Energy Directive and respective EU legislation on road transport, maritime and aviation. The primary aim of our advocacy was to ensure that the entire regulatory and legal framework in the EU provides the necessary financial, market and regulatory support to enable concrete investments in hydrogen based e-fuels factories and the eventual roll out of e-fuels in the coming years in the EU.


The lobbying focus was on the greenhouse gas savings provided by hydrogen e-fuels when used as a drop in alternative to standard fuels, and the latter’s contribution to meet the Green Deal goals. Similarly, our team engaged with lawmakers and EU officials to corral backing for specific e-fuels targets in maritime transport and high quotas for e-fuels in aviation. We put the spotlight on the important contribution of e-fuels in sectors that are hard to decarbonize, shaping the criteria to determine renewable hydrogen in the EU.


We were able to garner support for higher e-fuels quotas and shepherd the uptake of e-fuels in key modes of transportation. Alber & Geiger’s effort led to a plenary vote in the European Parliament that supported higher targets for e-fuels. In a politically arena with various alternative fuels competing for incentives, our team was able to obtain clear and strong support for e-fuels, turning Europe into one of the most attractive and important markets for that.