Enabling Pharmaceuticals


Our client Heel leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicinal products dedicated in research, dealt with a non-suitable regulatory environment. Existing requirements as applied by national authorities did not honor investments in scientific research. Alber & Geiger faced a European Commission reluctant for legislative changes and differing Member State approaches.


ag-wins-map-healthcare The strategy co-ordinated legal, ethical, medical and scientific concepts into coherent arguments. It showed the European Commission and the EU institutions but also relevant national competent authorities more broadly, the particularities of homeopathic medicinal products, as well as their effectiveness and safety and the different national approaches in the EU Member States.


Trusted EU specialists
Dr. Gunther Herr- Director Regulatory & Legal Affairs, Heel GmbH
Ultimately our strategy allowed our client to enter into a constructive dialogue with relevant national authorities. Alber & Geiger followed the maxim that sometimes less regulation is more, reflecting the priorities of our clients’ industries.