Prof. Dr. Siegbert Alber †

Prof. Dr. Siegbert Alber was the Chairman of the firm. He was Vice-President of the European Parliament and Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Union. Before that he was a Member of the Council of Europe, a Member of the Western European Union, a Member of the German Parliament, a Member of the European Parliament as such participated in numerous committees in the European Parliament. In particular Prof. Dr. Siegbert Alber was a Member and the Chairman of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Citizens’ Rights as well as Vice-Chairman of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection. Further, he was Chairman of the Delegation responsible for relations with the Baltic States and of the Sub-committees on Data Protection and on Poisonous or Dangerous Substances. In addition, he was Vice-Chairman of the Delegation for relations with the Gulf States.

Prof. Dr. Siegbert Alber holds numerous high decorations from different states. He is Officer of the French Legion of Honour, holds the Great Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Grand Cross of Merit of Luxembourg, the Grand Decoration of Honour in Gold for Services to the Republic of Austria and the Order of Merit of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Prof. Dr. Siegbert Alber is an Honorary Professor at the European Institute of the University of Saarland. He holds a law degree from the University of Tubingen and a PhD in law from the University of Munich.