Full-service EU government relations law firm

Alber & Geiger is a political lobbying powerhouse and a leading European government relations law firm. We represent our clients’ interests on the highest diplomatic and political level. Image and reputation are an important factor in international relations and politics. We communicate our clients’ interests and problems politically, combining legal expertise with lobbying knowledge. This is what sets us apart.

Validating client message with legal arguments

Public Affairs and PR firms often lack the high-end legal expertise necessary when lobbying legislative changes or administrative proceedings. On the other hand, it is no secret that most business lawyers, especially at major „full service“ law firms, have no significant lobbying experience. But like at trial, in a lobbying case a client’s net worth may be in play. It’s winner-take-all, and disasters can happen. It’s not a time for learning on the job.

Building support and moving agendas no matter the issue

Alber & Geiger has a history of successfully lobbying clients’ interests in the EU’s decision making processes. We recognize that legislation and policy decisions on competition, taxation, health care, intellectual property, and other issues can impact an organization’s vitality more profoundly than court judgments and as deeply as business decisions related to its core activities. So our people offer substantive expertise across all these areas. Our professionals understand the technical considerations behind the full breadth of laws and regulations affecting clients, and have experience in combining government policy goals with client needs.

Diplomacy Litigation