EU to review rules on food contact materials

The European Commission has recently launched a public consultation to gather views on the current performance of the Food Contact Materials (FCM) legislation. This review will affect, among others, packaging and professional food manufacturing, preparation, storage and distribution. The results will feed then into the evaluation of the current legislative framework of FCM rules.

Currently, common EU rules on Food Contact Materials cover the safety of FCMs as well as labelling and traceability. More concretely, they limit their transfer into food in quantities that could endanger human health or change the composition of the food. Existing common rules help ensure not only a high level of protection of human health, but also a common level playing field.

Considering that this will be the first evaluation of the rules, all companies in the food contact material supply chain as well as firms that have articles that might come into contact with food in the future, should submit their views before 6 May 2019.