EU to move ahead with aviation strategy

aviationIn 2015, the European Commission presented an ambitious Aviation Strategy for Europe. Several proposals are still under scrutiny in the EU’s legislative bodies. Others are placed on hold in the European Council.

Recently, the Commission presented its Open and Connected Aviation Package, which aims at safeguarding EU airlines on the international market, protecting international air carrier competition, and provide the EU with the opportunity to take actions against jeopardizing external factors. Besides the proposal for a Regulation on Safeguarding Competition in Air Transport, the package also includes interpretative guidelines for ownership and control of EU airlines as well as public services obligations.

With the recent package, aviation policies have again regained traction, and ought to be on the forefront of the political discussions in the coming months. Whereas the package aims at strengthening the EU aviation sector, both EU and non-EU companies will have to adapt to the changes in airport services, as well as the rights of travelers and workers.