EU to limit access to firearms

2firearmFollowing the terrorist attacks in Paris last year, the European Commission embarked on revising the EU directive regulating the ownership of firearms by individuals such as sport shooters, hunters and collectors. The proposal, described as essential and much needed, is set to improve clarity for the whole ‘legal firearms’ system. At the same time, if approved, the new rules may drastically limit access to firearms in Europe.

The proposed amendments to the EU Firearms Directive are currently under the discussion in the European Parliament. Debates have been marked by controversy. Several EU lawmakers claim that the new proposal would have minimal impact on combating terrorism and crimes. Others view the proposal as disproportional and too excessive.

The proposal has entered the most critical phase now. If the Commission’s proposal does not undergo any significant changes, the new rules will stagnate the sustainable growth of the firearms market in EU, negatively influencing firearms producers.