EU to examine feed additives

The European Commission has issued a public consultation to evaluate legislation on additives for use on animal nutrition. The review will cover substances, microorganisms or preparations added to feed to influence the feed or have an effect in the animal.

Currently, only additives that have been through an authorisation may be placed in the market and used. The review will cover the procedure for authorising feed additives. Similarly, the evaluation will deal with the rules for the placing in the market, labelling and use of additives. At the same time, the evaluation will cover all categories of additives. It will assess preservatives, antioxidants and stabilising agents. On top, it will deal with flavourings and colorants. Nutritional additives such as vitamins, minerals and aminoacids will also be evaluated.

Companies and business organisations that will be affected by the review and possible amendments to the regulation should put forward their views before 3 April 2019.