EU set to lower anti-dumping duties on Chinese products

1chinese-tradeChina joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in December 2001. Now, 15-years following the Chinese accession in the WTO, the transposition periods – allowing differential treatment of products originating from China – are going to expire.

So far, the transposition period gave the EU the right to impose higher anti-dumping duties on Chinese products compared to products originating from other countries. With the expiration of the transition periods, the European Commission will have to revise the methodology of calculating anti-dumping duties in respect of China.

The revision of anti-dumping duties imposed on products originating from China will have a significant impact on many sectors both for Chinese and European firms. There are currently 19 on-going anti-dumping investigations concerning products imported from China, representing a diverse portfolio of industries. The reduction of anti-dumping duties provides an opportunity for Chinese companies. At the same time, it increases competitive pressure for many European companies.