Commission to tackle throw-away economy

nl-04-2015-1The EU remains committed towards circular economy that would appease economic and environmental concerns and transform Europe into a more competitive and resource-efficient economy.

In that regard, the EU Commission is expected to adopt a new ambitious waste proposal in early 2016, which will review EU recycling and other waste-related targets on a long-term basis. Most notable changes that are to be implemented include 2030 recycling and re-use targets regarding municipal and packaging waste, as well as the pre-2025 phase-out of landfills for recyclable waste. In addition, the Commission will adopt a broad action plan and an effective progress monitoring mechanism to support the reform process.

These measures will greatly impact the industrial and broad-consumer sectors, especially the paper, plastic, wood and metal industry in the EU, as recycling and re-use targets are expected to be set at very ambitious levels.