Are Food Products Sold in Eastern Europe of Poor Quality?

There is now increasing pressure on the EU to tackle the highly contentious issue of big companies and supermarkets selling supposedly subpar versions of brand name foods in Eastern Europe. Previous reports and studies have pointed at the double standards and found that higher prices were being charged for products with lower quality ingredients. The food industry has denied the dual-quality claim and explained food differences as serving to consumer flavor and taste.

The European Commission has already picked up on the matter, which it labelled as an unfair trade practice. A body of national authorities responsible for consumer rights in Europe will convene to map out reported cases of double standards. A European Council meeting in June will review the progress of the issue.

New measures, as well as existing tools, are being considered to tackle the problem. For big food companies, it’s now more important than before to stay duly informed and have its own voice heard within those meetings.