Global Diplomacy

The European Union has developed and increased its internal and external power to levels where its authority is not felt just in the EU, but also well beyond it. International policy is thus not isolated from what happens in Brussels.

Our Global Diplomacy expertise supports sovereign governments, embassies, opposition parties as well as international firms, associations and individuals to obtain the necessary support in Brussels and Member States’ capitals. Global Diplomacy serves also European and International clients on a global scale, in international political power hubs and International Organisations.

With a team that comprises former high-ranking politicians, officials, ambassadors and top lawyers, as well as experts in international government relations, foreign policy and law, we support third country governments and embassies. Our global team acts as an extension to your diplomatic service to identify, represent and convince decision-makers in Brussels and key Member States’ capitals to take your views on-board.

Foreign businesses, individuals and NGOs benefit from applying the techniques of diplomacy to help manage their political, regulatory, legal and economic challenges. We know how to help companies, NGOs and individuals to have a say in EU decision-making and influence EU law and policy. Alber & Geiger assists its clients in developing their political tactics and corporate strategies. We advise them on government relations, we help them with coalition building, global positioning and trade relations. We help them to overcome potential antitrust and regulatory barriers. We guide them through treaty developments and investment policies.

Alber & Geiger also assists European and International clients on a global scale. We enlist an international team with established worldwide relations. Our Global Diplomacy has the experience, know-how and tools to compile winning strategies on a global scale.