Prof. Marcelo Regúnaga

mregunagaProf. Marcelo Regúnaga was Argentina’s Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food. He was also Argentina’s Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Mining. Prof. Marcelo Regúnaga was further Argentina’s Economic and Trade Representative, Ministry of Economy and Public Works and Services of Argentina, with protocol rank of Ambassador and member of the Economic Team. Among other functions he was the Alternate Representative of the Argentine Government in the Uruguay Round GATT negotiations, and was involved in MERCOSUR and the FTAA launching and negotiations.

He is Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and at the University of San Andres and worked for the UNDP, OAS, World Bank, IDB, ECLA, IICA, IFAD, CIMMYT, CIAT, USAID, and others. He is an engineer who received his education at the University of Buenos Aires, the University of La Plata, INTA, and at the University of Paris, Sorbonne.