Adrian Krasta


Adrian Krasta is a renowned journalist that brings extensive experience to Alber & Geiger’s Media Relations. With a career spanning 28-years in both radio and television, Mr Krasta advises clients on crafting and implementing communication strategies. He assists Alber & Geiger’s clients with TV appearances guidance and speech preparations for the public and private sectors alike. Prior to joining Alber & Geiger, Mr Krasta worked for the BBC World Service in London. Also, he has been in charge of leading TV programmes in leading networks in the Balkans.

He is a visiting professor for Mass Communication and Public Relations in the Journalism Departments of the State University of Tirana and AAB College of Pristina, Kosovo.

Adrian Krasta has Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering a Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication and Public Relations from SUNY Fredonia.