Media Relations

Advancing narratives

Alber & Geiger offers clients communications services. We combine strong policy expertise with a deep understanding of media to convey the message. We target influential audiences across all relevant platforms. We help our clients develop communications strategies and messaging, devise the tactics to deliver their messages to targeted audiences with precision and clarity and secure the results our clients want. We make sure our clients’ views are heard in traditional media, on television and in social media. Complementing our knowledge of legal lobbying, our team’s communications expertise gives us a very distinct advantage.


Engaging the right media with compelling messages is an important element to ensure success. Alber & Geiger has access and enjoys strong relations with leading editorial teams across Europe. Whether interviews or op-eds, in television or in leading publications, Alber & Geiger can assist craft the message and get it published or on air.

Our policy savvy team makes sure that our clients’ messages are effective and powerful. Our team ensures that the messages are delivered on time and target the appropriate audiences.


Alber & Geiger understands the power of social media. We integrate web strategies, content, social media campaigns and advocacy advertising to help our clients achieve their goals. Our team can help design and manage online campaigns. We craft the right messages to deploy online to ensure full engagement with online audiences. Our team has the ability to improve your online positioning and assist you in any given situation to fill in an online communication vacuum or challenge online misinformation.

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