Alber & Geiger is a political lobbying powerhouse, a leading European government relations law firm and a top CJEU litigation firm. Image and reputation are an important factor in international relations and politics. We communicate our clients’ interests and problems politically. We represent our clients’ interests on the highest diplomatic and political level. Our firm combines former top EU officials and politicians and high profile EU attorneys with more than 100 years of experience in the EU’s political arena. The professionals of Alber & Geiger know the decision makers, understand their political histories and current positions, and are able to work shifting alliances and priorities to benefit client positions. We assist our clients with the following services:

Lobbying Diplomacy Litigation

Alber & Geiger tackles problems as a multi-specialty team. We efficiently combine our diverse abilities, insights, and relationships built over years to identify opportunities for clients and forestall threats. We believe in pro-active lobbying instead of caring afterwards. Our team identifies and analyzes a client’s issues and develops options for action. For our clients we lead international political negotiations, draft legislation, initiate litigation if necessary and lead through strategic interaction with legislators and decision makers. Alber & Geiger goes beyond developing strategies to implementing them and delivering results.